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Tiny Wunder House, based in the picturesque city of Oradea, Romania, is revolutionizing the concept of living. They are not just building homes; they are crafting experiences. Specializing in bespoke and luxurious tiny houses on wheels, this company is for those who seek an extraordinary and sustainable living experience. Their homes are not just about compactness; they are about style, comfort, and sustainability. Whether you're looking for a full-time residence or a unique getaway retreat, Tiny Wunder House promises an unmatched living experience.

Stellar Craftsmanship Meets Sustainability

The team at Tiny Wunder House combines skilled craftsmanship with a passion for sustainability. Every tiny house they design is a testament to their commitment to providing sustainable and self-sufficient off-grid living solutions. But sustainability doesn't come at the cost of luxury. Their modern approach to design ensures that every home is not just eco-friendly but also a luxurious abode that caters to the aesthetic preferences of its owners.

Customization at Its Best

One size doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to homes. Understanding this, Tiny Wunder House offers a personalized experience. Their team of skilled builders and designers collaborates with clients at every step, ensuring the final product is a true reflection of the client's needs, lifestyle, and personal aesthetics. From a cozy retreat in the woods to a functional home on wheels, they have the expertise to turn your dream into reality.

Models that Speak Volumes

Tiny Wunder House boasts a range of models, each with its unique charm. Take 'Saturn' for instance, an innovative tiny house that promises unparalleled comfort and style, perfect for year-round off-grid living. Or 'Jupiter', a house that redefines the design of tiny houses on wheels. And then there's 'Pollux', an architect-designed marvel built as a mobile office, ideal for city life and camping adventures.

A Seamless Journey to Your Dream Home

The process of getting your tiny home from Tiny Wunder House is as delightful as the homes themselves. It begins with a friendly discussion to understand your requirements. Once you've chosen your perfect tiny house, the building process commences, with the team working closely with you. And the best part? They deliver your dream home right to your property, even offering installation assistance if needed.

More than Just a House

At its core, Tiny Wunder House believes that luxury is not just about high-end finishes or amenities. True luxury lies in living in a space that mirrors your personality and lifestyle. This philosophy is evident in their meticulous attention to detail, from layout and design to lighting and decor. Using only the highest quality materials, they craft some of Europe's most stunning off-grid tiny homes, perfect for year-round living.

The Pinnacle of Sustainable Luxury Living

Tiny Wunder House is not just a manufacturer; it's a movement towards sustainable, luxurious, and personalized living. If you're seeking a living experience that's truly out of the ordinary, Tiny Wunder House is where your search ends. Embrace the future of living with these beautifully designed and expertly crafted tiny homes.

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Solido House

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Nestled in the picturesque city of Oradea, Romania, Solido House emerges as a beacon of innovation in the world of prefab homes. With a commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and design, Solido House is redefining the way we perceive and experience tiny living.

A Vision Rooted in Nature

Solido House embarked on its journey in 2018 with a profound mission: to forge a deeper connection with nature. This aspiration led to the creation of the world's first customizable tiny home. The company's workshop, strategically located in Oradea, boasts the capability to ship their architectural marvels anywhere in Europe within a mere five days.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Beyond just offering a unique living solution, Solido House is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs. By providing off-grid mobile tiny homes, they present a golden opportunity for business-minded individuals to be always in close proximity to their customers. With a promising return on investment in just four years, Solido House ensures that entrepreneurs can start reaping the benefits from day one.

The Solido Escape: A New Way to Experience Living

The Solido Escape stands out as a flagship offering from Solido House. Whether you're looking to set it up by a serene lake, amidst a dense forest, or even in your backyard, this prefabricated tiny house offers both on-grid and off-grid living solutions. What's more, custom-made units can be delivered in less than 90 days, and every Solido house can be set up in just a day, eliminating the need for additional on-site work.

Investment Opportunities with Solido

Solido House isn't just about providing a home; it's about offering a lucrative investment opportunity. Their "hotel in a box" concept allows investors to tap into the real estate market with one of the highest ROI potentials. With flexible payment options, including one-time payments and leasing, along with passive income opportunities, investing in a Solido Escape becomes an enticing proposition.

A Personal Touch to the Brand

The essence of Solido House is deeply personal. The name 'Solido' is derived from the names of the founder's family members - Sofia, Ligia, and Dominic. Since its inception in 2018, the dedicated team at Solido House has been handcrafting each tiny home with precision and passion in Oradea, shipping their creations globally.

Pioneers of Prefab Living in Romania

Solido House, based in Oradea, Romania, is not just a prefab home manufacturer; it's a movement towards sustainable, efficient, and beautiful living. Whether you're an individual seeking a unique living experience or an entrepreneur looking for a promising investment, Solido House offers a solution that's both eco-friendly and economically viable. Dive into the world of tiny living with Solido House and discover a new dimension of comfort, style, and sustainability.

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